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KUKA Medical Robotics

KUKA is a leader in the use of robots in medical technology. The team from KUKA Medical Robotics adapts robot systems to many different applications in medicine, making use of the robots’ accuracy, flexibility and reliability.

The LBR Med demonstrates great versatility in its applications – here for instance as an ultrasound robot

KUKA Medical Robotics offers a comprehensive portfolio for medical robotics and is shaping the future of this field with ground-breaking technologies and high-tech products. From X-ray imaging to radiation therapy to patient positioning, the medical sector benefits from KUKA’s many years of experience in the field of industrial robotics and automation. The team at KUKA Medical Robotics possesses an immense wealth of knowledge and experience. It upgrades the robot components to meet the high standards of the medical sector for robot-based assistance for surgical procedures in the operating room, in diagnostics or as supportive partners in rehabilitation measures.

When you work with KUKA Medical Robotics you are choosing the leading manufacturer of robotic components in Europe. As a technology powerhouse and pioneering leader, KUKA develops practical key technologies for the growth markets of the future. They focus their research and development in the core areas of safe human-robot collaboration (HRC), compliant and sensitive handling, intelligent sensor systems, mobility, and simple and intuitive operator control.

Hand-in-hand with the robotic assistant: the LBR Med is conquering the operating room

The LBR Med is KUKA’s new robot innovation for the medical sector. It is based on the sensitive LBR iiwa lightweight robot. With its sensory capabilities for safety, fast teaching and simple operator control, it acts as a helpful assistant in the operating room. The LBR Med is extremely responsive. Thanks to its joint torque sensors, it touches the patient sensitively, can be gently pushed aside by the doctor or therapist and automatically withdraws when touched. On the other hand, it is always ready to assist the doctor in complex motion sequences. Thanks to its special surface coating, the robot satisfies the highest hygiene requirements; its bio-compatible covers ensures an absolutely sterile working surface.

Thus, the LBR Med satisfies all the requirements for safe human-robot collaboration – as well as its duties in the operating room. Equipped with the right medical devices and special programs, the LBR Med can be used to assist with endoscopy or biopsies, to use lasers to cut bones or to insert pedicle screws.

The team at KUKA Medical Robotics has implemented additional technical refinements to assist medical equipment manufacturers in integrating the robot into their product. Because, after all, KUKA has had the LBR Med certified by CB test report to IEC 60601-1 – a completely unique feature for the collaborative lightweight robot industry.

KUKA Medical Robotics isn’t just for lightweight robots

KUKA entered the medical robotics industry more than 15 years ago with their large robot series. After pioneering large industrial robotics in the medical industry, KUKA continues to develop technologies using robots with payloads greater than 200 kilograms. There are two different systems using this technology: Systems bearing the weight of a person such as patient positioners for particle therapy, the hippotherapy robot for robotic riding therapy or the intelligent leg press for high-performance athletes in the HaiLeg research project.

The Siemens ARTIS pheno is one of the systems involving the movement of heavy medical equipment: It moves an X-ray C-arm around the patient, thereby permitting the generation of CT-style 3D images in the operating room. The CyberKnife system also involves manipulation of a heavy X-ray gun which the robot directs precisely at the tumor. When the optional patient operating table is used, the system combines the CyberKnife with a system bearing the weight of patient.

The foundation for these medical applications is the QUANTEC robot from KUKA. Its rigidrobot arm and high accuracy are tailor-made for tasks where a heavy mass must be manipulated with the utmost precision. The robust design also minimizes maintenance costs and servicing requirements. Different installation locations and features allow the KUKA Medical Robotics team to configure the QUANTEC for a wide variety of applications in the medical field.

The KUKA Medical Robotics team

The team is equipped to adapt KUKA products for use in the medical field. Team members have specific technical knowledge in the field of medical technology and the rigorous approval processes. For this reason, their dedicated Research and Development department can concentrate exclusively on the subject of medical applications, independently of industrial requirements.

This brings unique advantages to customers:

  • KUKA’s globally diverse staff speak your language

  • They have extensive knowledge of customers’ approval topics

  • Robots have medicine-specific functional behaviors avaliable (such as trocar translations)

  • Full PLM for robotic components in medicine

  • Quality made in Germany

  • Innovative design

  • Maximum commitment to service and customer orientation

  • Customer-specific solutions for requirements in the medical sector

The end result is quick implementation and realization of ideas for medical robotics. KUKA Medical Robotics will support customers as a partner at all times, from the evaluation process to the final product.

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