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Affinis Short: The number one shoulder replacement

The Affinis Short is a shoulder endoprosthesis which can be implanted in only a few steps and whose bone-sparing design enables restoration of the glenohumeral geometry. The anatomical ceramic head, in combination with the Glenoid vitamys, minimises polyethylene wear compared to conventional bearings. 1, 2

The short stem has a bone window and a large-pored titanium structure with a calcium phosphate coating which promotes osseointegration and ensures good secondary stability. 3Simultaneously, the stem geometry allows a bone-sparing revision of the implant in the event of rotator cuff insufficiency or possible infection.

The head, made of inert ceramic, is highly biocompatible. Thanks to its range of sizes, a smooth transition between the implant and bone can be achieved.

With the Affinis Glenoid vitamys, highly cross-linked polyethylene (HXLPE) is introduced into the shoulder arthroplasty portfolio. Like the standard polyethylene design, the glenoid vitamys is equipped with two fixation pegs, for a high degree of stability.


  • Nickel-free total shoulder prosthesis with ceramic head and Glenoid vitamys

  • Bone-sparing and less invasive thanks to the metaphyseal anchoring

  • Anatomical reconstruction of the glenohumeral geometry

  • Facilitated access to the glenoid via resection of the head, for accurate total joint replacement

  • Simple and intuitive instrumentation

1 Beck, M., et al., Oxidation Prevention with Vitamin E in a HXLPE Isoelastic Monoblock Pressfit Cup: Preliminary Results, in Total Hip Arthroplasty, K. Knahr, Editor. 2012, Springer Berlin Heidelberg. p. 21-31.

2 Data on file

3 Schwarz M.L.K., M.;Rose, S.;Becker, K.;Lenz, T.;Jani, L. Effect of surface roughness, porosity, and a resorbable calcium phosphate coating on osseointegration of titanium in a minipig model. J Biomed Mater Res A, 2009. 89(3): p. 667-78.

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