Brand Awareness

Participation in various exhibitions, during congresses is planned every wear in order for the company to gain brand awareness. Moreover, the company occasionally arranges workshops with experienced surgeons in order to communicate the proven follow up of Orthosurgical’s products and instruments.

Orthosurgical also organizes in house training events, in which surgeons are informed about the company’s product line and the corresponding surgical techniques. By participating in these trainings the surgeons have the opportunity to see the systems, the instruments and to use sawbones for practice. In most of these events, a Product Manager from the manufacturing company participates in the training procedure providing the surgeons with all the information they may need to know.

Furthermore, the company’s sales force arrange meetings with surgeons in their own offices in order to present the available product line along with some samples and discuss the products’ characteristics. This provides the opportunity to demonstrate to potential customers Orthosurgical’s experience in supporting operations, a fact which is quite important for the prestige of the company.

Market Status

The market is ready to adopt new products that offer versatility, effectiveness and a short learning curve. Mathys’ products have such characteristics that will allow entering the market, instantly, without losing current customers.