Manufacturers distributed

Today Orthosurgical has made exclusive distributorship agreements with the following manufacturers:
Mathys Medical
Mathys Medical (Switzerland): Total Joint Replacement Systems for hip and knee surgery. Mathys is the biggest European manufacturer of Orthopaedic Implants. For over 45 years, Mathys has been developing, producing and distributing products for the artificial joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder, finger) as well as biological materials (bone graft substitutes). Joy for innovation, most modern technologies and quality without compromise are the foundation pillars of its history.
Marquardt Medizintechnik
Marquardt Medizintechnik (Germany): trauma implants (every type of titanium plates, screws, trochanteric nails: mini, small, large fracture sets) and instruments.
IGEA s.r.l.
IGEA s.r.l. (Italy): Electrical devices for the stimulation and treatment of non-union fractures and pseudarthrosis.
Mego Afek
Mego Afek (Israel): Pumps for the prevention of post-operative deep vein thrombosis after a total hip or knee replacement.
Leader Medica (Italy): Surgical pulse lavage systems.
Currently, the sources of revenue for the company are the products of the above-mentioned companies, which are in constant demand by Greek surgeons.